The Hidden Basement Continued

The adventure continues again this week.

The Bootle of Ongoing Struggle for unknown reasons decided to expel another occupant who the current party has yet to meet named Jerrick as well as take back in Merik for a time. After getting acquainted and recovering from the change the group decided to see what was behind the locked door they had passed up earlier(see last adventure) The occupants knowing that the group was out there from all the noise they had made prepared for the party. The group got the door open to find a 50 X 30ft room with a large Bed to the left hand side a man casting a spell of summoning to the right side of the bed near the center of the room. An alter with evil symbols on it as well as as small table in the right hand corner and a weired waist high stone obelisk with lighted writing scrolled all over it in the bottom left side.
Using smart flanking and blocking tactics by the Samurai and good use of the groups other abilities. Not even with the hidden rogues trying to sneak attack the party from behind the bed and the obelisk could the occupants over come the group (900xp/5).

Saddly they killed their foes before thinking to keep one alive for questioning. After looting the bodies and inspecting the room in which Lithaa found a letter to the occupants(?)the party moved on to other parts of the building headed past the south door of the Octagonal room once more.

With the south hallway haveing a branch to the right headed east and a little further south the hallway lead into a small room with only a statue in it that the hallway turns and goes Eastward.
The group chose to take the western branch hallway that turned to the right (North) again. The hall once again turned left (West). Which it has 2 doors on it left side and ended in at a third room.

The group decided to go into the first door on the left which was stuck.

Experiance Session Total Per Player 480
Best RP 100 XP – Jerrick
Best Idea 50XP – Chris


my head and my notes are a little fuzzy on how the large centipede encounter played out at first. so any input would be cool.

The Hidden Basement Continued

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