The Bottle, The Monks, The Hidden Basement

What will this merry band find themselves doing. How will they interact. Will any one die? We shall see and Hope fully have fun along the way.

The Group of adventurers Lowell, Zander, Lanric Tolzen, Lithaa, Brett’s toon,and Chris’s toon found them selves waking in a daze in front of Fort Stands (wizard Tower) being poked byVicadus Alimaster the III their current proprietor for Thandaris’s Errants, Benefactor, as well as for some adoptive guardian. Each recalling how they became entangle in their situation with the item known as the Bottle of Ongoing Struggle. The group decided to go to the Hearty Buxom Wench for a meal and news. Lowell desided to stay outside and speak with Thorivor in which he learned of possible trouble for the northern monks of the Tetipus monastery. Between the meal, being flirted with and spurned by Jillian, and dealing with gruff Anisthe rest of the group learned of this as well. Knowing the do gooder Zander as well as the sempathetic Lowell would want to or be guilted in taking inquiry, Bretts toon sought out a way to get paid for doing this inquiry into the monastery’s fate and did so by signing up for the patrol pay for a Patrol that the Fort was to stretched out for.

After receiving Vicadus’s approval to take the job the Group set out for the monastery. When seeking to make camp at near nightfall in an old Manor house’s foundation the ground beneath the group collapsed and they found themselves in its presumable basement. After picking themselves up from the fall they discovered they were in an octagonal room lighted by Braziers of continual flame with odd bookshelves of molded ruined books with a door to the North and a door to the South. Lithaas keen senses lead them to finding a Secret door in both the East and West walls. Zanders reflexes saved him from being burned by a flaming trap(600xp/6) in the room behind the Eastern secret door which Malik used fallen debris to circumvent a second time as well as a plank to find a camouflaged pit(600xp/6) in the Secret room to the West.

In the 2 rooms they found an assortment of coins and gems as well as a ring with inscribed pictures and a well made shield with an interesting depiction on it. Moving to the North and South doors Lowell checked out the south one while the other checked the North. While Lowell dealt with the Stuck south door the others found the north to be unlocked and easily opened.

Before entering in to the new Teed hallway to the north the others heard Goblins speaking from a room on the left side of the Tee. What those that could speak goblinoid could make out was goblins arguing over something about a fire and that one may have heard something. Lowell frustrated the the Southern door took so long to unstick went charging into the southwestern leading hallway through the south door forcing the other in the group to follow him and not deal with the goblins yet. Lithaa’s keen senses yet again lead them to finding a secretdoor and room along the Southwestern hallway. Inside this new secret room they found an old chest and weapon racks containing gold coins, assorted gems. some small exceptionally made arrows, a Medium size Shortbow with a strong Pull, and some thunderstones.

When exiting the room back into the hall way the group was attacked from the northern smoke filled hallway. this lead to chasing and eventually killing 3 goblins(300xp/6) into the room on the left of the teed northern hallway. The smoke being from a cooking fire being made in the room. Skipping the locked room catercorner to the octagonal room in the northern hallway because of seeing a glow from the eastern end of the hallway. On moving to the large 40ft by 40 ft room room they found that the glowing was emanating from a mages summoning circle built into the center of the floor.
The group found a limping wolf hiding in the NW corner that would not let them get near it but still keeping away from the circle. Lithaa’s imp seeing knowing what the wolf actually was but refusing to say so urged Lithaa from the room. Finally when Zander got to close the Wolf showed its true self to be a shape-shifted Quasit and lashed out with its cause fear spell ability which only affected Zander to his shame. The quasit was finally destroyed by the party(600xp/6).

The adventure continues next week. What else is in store for this band? Will the group make it out alive?

Experience Session Total Per player 300
Best RP 100 XP – Lowel
Best Idea 50 Xp – Brett



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