Character Creation

These are the methods and resources to make PC with in the Doogos Campaign world. I tend to allow use of Alternate methods or rules from supplemental books.

Ability Scores
All stats are made by rolling 4d6 adding up the highest 3 and re-rolling 1’s(Makes High level stats)

All the core races from the PHB as well as their sub race divisions(Forgotten Realms Versions). Any of the Half bloods from d20 Supplements Half bloods differ based on the society in which they were raised sometimes. Keep in mind some races have Lvl adjustments that may not fit with the current Lvl of the Party.

I see alignments as general guidelines to Character behavior not Set in stone rules. If you for example want to play a non LG Paladin their are ways to do so.

Classes & Prestiege Classes
If its in a d20 core-book or supplement and fits into a fantasy late medieval (early firearms) world then I will work with you to fit it in to the campaign.

Feats & Skills
Characters get their racial and class feats as usual on top of that they can choose 1 Regional feat for free as long as you meet the prerequisites.Region Feat/Equipment Spreadsheet Regional Feat Descriptions

Hit Points
1st Lvl Characters start out with Max HP+Con mod. Must roll for hit point any level after.

Choose from the Region Feat/Equipment Spreadsheet your free regional starter gear
1st lvl Start with average Gold for that Class type or (role). If you starting above 1st lvl you start with the money from the Wealth by Level table minus what your average or rolled gold from 1st lvl. When selecting items for Higher level with the money from the chart no single item can be worth more then half the total given.

Certain Regions are less exposed to a majority of Faiths so unless you are from a different region or have studied that region(knowledge skill) you will not have been exposed to other Faiths beyond a basic knowledge of them.
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Character Creation

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