The Wayfarer's Union

These spellcasters specialize in travel magic and offer their services for a price. Community and royal officials use members of the Union when traveling on official business, as do wealthy patrons who want the best transport that money can buy.

see Tome and Blood pg 28 for detailed info on joining and the benifits such as the wayfarer guide prestige class.

Union Rates and Fees

Service Cost
Teleport, one shot, very familiar area 900gp*
Teleport, one shot, studied area 1080gp*
Teleport, one shot, area seen casually 1260gp*
Teleport, one shot, area viewed once 1440gp*
Teleport, one shot, description of area only 1620gp*
Teleport with out error 1820gp*
Teleportation circle, very familiar area 3060gp*
Astral projection, to known Union outpost 3060gp*
Scroll of teleport 1125gp
Scroll of teleport with out error 2275gp

*Includes return travel of the Union caster. All costs cut by 25% with a signed contract for 10 or more travel spells. All costs doubled if caster travel is into a dangerous area.

The Wayfarer's Union

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